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Our Mission

Striving to do what is right with the Earth first mindset. Continuously defining the best uses of Cannabis for human kind, while providing safe access to the community through the healing of the plant. Constantly evolving to find the highest quality standards and most sustainable methodologies within cannabis cultivation and extraction. Cultivated with little to no environmental impact. To help grow and nurture the hash culture and community.

Garden Goings-On

Explore What We Have in Store

Retired Cultivars

  • White Buffalo

  • GG4

  • Forbidden Fruit

  • Royal Kush

  • Marshmallow OG

Current Cultivars

  • Grape Gas

  • First Class Funk

  • Ice Cream Man
  • Banana Cream Cake x Jealousy
  • Sour Band

  • Purps

Plans for the Future Cultivars


    Kush Mints


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